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Wrongful Dismissal Tutorial Products Benefits Returning Customers
  About Us  

Paradigm Shift Solutions is a company in Vancouver, British Columbia. We bring law to the people by developing web‐enabled legal services. Our mission is to make the law relevant for ordinary people and businesses by lowering its cost, increasing its accessibility, and enhancing its value. By helping people understand the law and apply it in their daily lives, we promote citizenship and foster a civic society.


The two founders, Chilwin Cheng and Jim Hamlin, met while attending Simon Fraser University’s MBA class.  We shared the same study teams and found that we shared a dream of harnessing the web’s power to transform industries. With FiredWithoutCause.com, our goal is to help people understand their legal rights and responsibilities during one of the most difficult times in a person’s life: the loss of employment.


The Founders

Chilwin Cheng


I am a lawyer in Vancouver. With over a decade of courtroom experience, I have helped many clients with wrongful dismissal issues.  As someone who volunteers frequently in my community, I wanted to find a way to make the law accessible to everyone in Canada. My status can be verified at the Law Society of B.C. -


Jim Hamlin

I am an entrepreneur and an expert in developing web-based businesses.  I have particular expertise in developing tools to manage data-intensive web processes.  Though I enjoy business, I love the outdoors and used my skills to start one of Western Canada’s largest online outdoor hiking communities - www.clubtread.com.