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Employment Law Tutorial Products Benefits Returning Customers
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  We help you:
  • Understand your legal rights
  • Maximize your severance package
  • Write powerful counter-offer letters

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To get the knowledge you need:

  • In HALF the time it would take a lawyer to do
  • At a FRACTION (only 4%) of a typical legal fee
  • In the PRIVACY and CONVENIENCE of your home
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By offering our three products:
  1. Our free negotiation manual, Improving Your Severance in Seven Steps, gives you information you can use to plan exactly what you need and want out of your severance package.

  2. Our Severance Package Calculator analyzes thousands of Canadian wrongful dismissal cases, using the facts most used by Canadian courts when calculating severance awards for employees, and gives you a detailed report on how your case compares to those cases. We show you exactly how the package your employer has offered you stacks up against the packages offered in cases most similar to yours.

  3. Our Counter-Offer Letter Templates provide ready-made letters that help present the strongest counter-offer or proposal you can to your employer. The letters come in a format that most popular word processors can use. If you combine our Severance Package Calculator with our Counter-Offer Letter Templates, the letters will come customized with information specific to your case, maximizing your credibility and negotiation position.
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