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Employment Law Tutorial Products Benefits Returning Customers
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Get the same information as would from an employment lawyer in HALF the time and at a fraction (4%) of the cost of a lawyer.

The Cost of  Lawyer
Lawyer’s Activities Billable Hours (hours) Hourly Rate ($)* Subtotal Your Time Commitment
Initial Consultation with Lawyer 1 310 310 1
Lawyer identifies relevant cases 2 310 620  
Lawyer compiles cases and writes opinion report 1.5 310 465  
Lawyer provides you with analysis .5 310 155 .5
Lawyer drafts counter-offer letter .5 310 155  
Total 5.5   $1,705 1.5

* K. McMahon, “The Going Rate” [2008 Lawyer Billable Rate Survey], Canadian Lawyer Magazine (July 2008), http://www.canadianlawyermag.com/The-going-rate.html (obtained 25 March 2009)


FiredWithoutCause.com Cost

Your Activity Your Time Required (mins) Your Cost (if purchased separately)
Learn what you need to know about wrongful dismissal 10 Free
Calculate your notice period 5 39.99
Draft a counter-offer letter 5 19.99
Prepare your negotiation plan with our manual 30 Free
Total 50 Minutes $59.98 if purchasing the bundle