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Employment Law Tutorial Products Benefits Returning Customers
10. Employer Changes Job

Employers can fire employees in several ways. Your boss might actually say, “you’re fired.” Or your boss may fire you in a much more subtle way. In some cases, an employer might change your job so significantly that you are basically forced to quit.

For example, say you are a line supervisor at a factory and you supervise a large production team – say thirty people. Your employer tells you that because of a restructuring, they want you to work as a frontline production worker. You’ll lose your team and your title, and they’ll reduce your pay back down to that of the frontline worker. In this situation, even though your employer may not have said “you’re fired,” you may have the right to say that the changes to your job were so significant that it’s like you were fired. Lawyers call this situation “constructive dismissal.” If you were “constructively dismissed,” you may be entitled to the same package you would have received if you had actually been fired. The database and tools at FiredWithoutCause.com can help you find out what you are entitled to.




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