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Employment Law Tutorial Products Benefits Returning Customers
12. Special Circumstances
  In a few cases with unique circumstances, the court may consider additional variables that could impact a damage award. These situations are not common. An example might be a high-level executive who was convinced to quit a well-paying job with promises of a long, productive, and profitable job with another company, but was dismissed shortly after starting the new job. Again, these special cases are not the norm. In most cases, precedent dictates what you’ll get. Some of these variables can include the following:
  • Did your former employer give you sweeteners or inducement to leave your previous job?
  • Did your former employer give you unconditional guarantees of longevity with the company?
  • Did you bring over contacts, sales leads, or other kinds of businesses with you when you came over?
  • When you joined your former employer, did you suffer any penalties, that your former employer knew about, when you left the employer before that?
  • Did you have to get special training, skills, or make any other kind of investment that you had to bear personally to work at your current job?



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