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Employment Law Tutorial Products Benefits Returning Customers
13. Glossary and Thesaurus

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor are these full legal definitions of terms. This information is provided to help you navigate through FiredWithoutCause.com

Collective Agreement: an agreement between a union and a unionized employer, governed by labour law and administered by the union, management, and local labour relations regulator

Constructive Dismissal: employer does not fire employee, but changes the terms or nature of the employment such that it amounts to a termination of former employment and creation of new employment relationship; if employee does not accept new role, may still amount to a Wrongful Dismissal

Employer: a person or company who retains an employee

Employee: a person who agrees to provide labour to an employer in exchange for compensation under some form of exclusive relationship, though relationship need not be absolutely exclusive; that is, employee can work for multiple employers simultaneously though there is an expectation of some form of loyalty to employer

Dismissal: termination of employment relationship, also referred to as lay-off, termination, “fired”, “let go”

Independent contractor: a person who provides labour to an employer in exchange for compensation without the expectation of permanency or exclusivity

Temporary Lay-off: suspension of employment relationship with intention and agreement that employee will return to work at a future date, not a dismissal under the law

Wrongful Dismissal: employer dismisses employee without a valid legal reason and without providing employee with sufficient notice that employment will end




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