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  Are you a lawyer?

One of our co-founders, Chilwin Cheng, is a senior lawyer with over a decade of courtroom experience, who has advised both employees who have lost their jobs and employers who have had to let people go.  We have taken that knowledge and experience, and combined it with the skills of a team of paralegals and IT professionals to create FiredWithoutCause.com.

Where does the information come from?

FWC summarizes the results of wrongful dismissal lawsuits from across Canada.  Canadian lawyers and paralegals review Canadian wrongful dismissal cases and select appropriate ones for FWC.  You can verify the accuracy of our information by visiting the public website of the court from which a lawsuit originated.  Where such information is available, we provide you with a direct link to the web version of the case’s reasons for judgment.


We believe that using spiders or robots to select cases using keywords neither selects the right cases nor extracts the relevant information that you need to develop your negotiating position. That’s why our information is compiled by real people – legal professionals who use their expertise and experience to select appropriate cases.


How do you protect my information and privacy?


We protect your privacy in four ways: (1) we only ask for information we need; (2) we use industry-standard encryption protocols such as 128-bit SSL certificates; (3) we keep payment functions within the site and don’t point you to an outside site; and, (4) we follow best practices in online privacy.  We don’t leave cookies or use scripts.  We won’t spam you or send unwanted e-mails to you.  Click Here to view our Privacy Policy.

What do you do that I can’t do for myself?

Without FWC, you would have to rummage through the hundreds of thousands of cases in Canada to find wrongful dismissal cases. Then, you would have to select those cases that match up to your own personal situation. You would need to know something about how wrongful dismissal cases work to understand what information you need to extract from the cases. Finally, you would need to select those cases that best match your circumstances. FiredWithoutCause.com does this all for you and provides you with an easy-to-understand report.

Why don’t you provide links for all your cases?

We link to cases that people can read without using a commercial service. If a case cannot be read without a commercial service, then we respect Canadian copyright laws and do not link to it. Usually, our links point to public websites like the British Columbia Superior Courts: http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca/ or www.canlii.org. Unfortunately, many courts did not start providing online version of cases until recently. For example, the courts of British Columbia did not start continuous coverage of cases until 1990.

What if I don’t have a link to a website?

We provide you with a reference that you can take to any law librarian who can show you how to obtain the case or will get the case for you.

Is this information accurate?

We guarantee the accuracy of the information that we provide. We will provide you with a full refund if you find any material error or omission in the list of cases that we provide. By providing you with the links, you can verify the information we provide yourself.

Is this legal advice?

We provide legal information, but we do not provide customized legal advice that is uniquely appropriate to your circumstances. We provide you with generalized legal information that most anyone can apply.

Do I need a lawyer?

You may need a lawyer if you choose to sue your employer, or to help you understand how the law may apply to the unique circumstances of your case.

Can I represent myself?

We believe that everyone benefits from legal representation and advice. We don’t think it’s a good idea to try to sue your employer by yourself.

What if I don’t live in Canada?

At this time, our database is appropriate only for Canadian residents subject to Canadian law. We only cite Canadian laws. Non-Canadian residents can use our service to ascertain how Canadian judges may decide similar cases, but they should consult domestic legal counsel to find out how Canadian cases may apply in international contexts.