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Privacy Policy

We know that dealing with uncertainty about your job, or dealing with the consequences of being fired, is incredibly stressful. We want you to feel safe, secure, and respected when you use our website. Trying to deal with job loss is difficult enough without worrying about your privacy.


First, we protect your privacy in four ways: (1) we only ask for information we need; (2) we use industry-standard encryption protocols such as 128-bit SSL certificates; (3) we keep payment functions within the site and don’t point you to an outside site; and, (4) we follow best practices in online privacy.


We only collect the information that we need to create the right report for you:

  • Your age
  • How long you have worked with your employer
  • The Province in which you have lived
  • The last level within the organization that you reached

None of this information can be used to identify you or link you to an employer.


If you purchase our Counter Offer Letter Templates, we ask for the following information – but you don’t have to give it to us to use the service. You can always add the information on your own offline, such as:

  • Your name
  • Your employer or previous employer
  • The city where you live

We collect your e-mail address so that we can inform you of updates to the information.


Second, we use industry standard 128-SSL security encryption certificates and offer our services over a secure HTTPS: site.


Third, we host our own payment solution rather than pointing you to a separately hosted payment processor, so you never leave our site.


Fourth, we are committed to following best practices in online privacy and security:

  • We will never give or sell your information to anyone else.
  • You can ask us to provide you with all of the information that we have collected about you and your use of our website.
  • You can correct information that we have.
  • You can also withdraw your consent to us keeping whatever information you have given to us.

Let us know if you don’t want us to use information about you in any particular way, including uses described in this notice, by contacting the Chief Privacy Officer at privacy@firedwithoutcause.com.